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t(s)weet roll:

  • A1 Like the idea in that you work on your brand in much the same way you work on your prof dvlpment. Improving & managing yrslf. #ynpchat #
  • A1 On the other hand it can come across as narcissistic and self important. It’s a fine line. #ynpchat #
  • A1 To me personal branding = self promotion (hopefully not shameless 🙂 + reputation management #ynpchat #
  • Agree! RT @dan_blakemore: I think that it comes down to a willingness to put forth the effort to manage your personal brand. #ynpchat #
  • RT @_Ashley_Nicole_: A1: I don’t think branding has to be about sounding like an expert. It should be more about who you are… #ynpchat #
  • A2 Hopefully, my brand will convey a clear understanding of topic (online fundraising) and being eager to help! #ynpchat #
  • A3 Engage, communicate, get involved. Building ur brand thru engagement is a great way to do it. Talking about it in #ynpchat helps too! #
  • A3 If no one knows who you are there can be no brand (Confucius says 😉 #ynpchat #
  • What a great answer! RT @hannawanzenried: #ynpchat I convey my brand thru honest relationships, communication, my volunteer work, etc. #
  • Now this is funny. I second this: RT @snotforprofit: Start a blog. Even if Jeff Brooks doesn’t think you should. #ynpchat #
  • Gtta run. It’s been a blast. Thx @rosettathurman @carmillelim @hannawanzenried @snotforprofit @kaceyvenning +eryone else 4 a great #ynpchat #
  • Cool! RT @LauraEKaufman: Jewish Women’s Archive using crowdsourcing & Google Maps 4 landmarks in Jewish women’s history: ow.ly/1gFgP #
  • RT @rosettathurman: How to Promote Your Business Without Being Seen as a Smiling Shark ow.ly/1gNqV #smallbizchat #ynpchat #
  • Who doesn’t? RT @snotforprofit: Want to work with me? We’re looking for a delightful tech rep in Toronto: bit.ly/boqMmD #jobs #NPtech #



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