daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Free amazing webinar – Dan Ariely on: Are your donors irrational?! via @katyan4g ow.ly/2bils #np #
  • Some cool tools for the publisher in all of us: 5 Tools for the Entre. Journalist ow.ly/2biwL #nptech #
  • Six Months Later: The Haiti Earthquake via @joannefritz ow.ly/2biJb #np #
  • Wanna engage your #facebook fans? how about achieve integrated enlightenment? Check out these webinars via ow.ly/2biNH #
  • New Awards to Honor Best of Fund Raising—Globally via @philanthropy ow.ly/2bAaa #np #
  • Audio: Why Twitter Matters to Nonprofit Groups w/ @Jack – @philanthropy bit.ly/aJadQ8 #np #
  • I love this couple: Toyota SWAGGER WAGON rap youtu.be/ql-N3F1FhW4 #



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