daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • I’m at Pei Wei (6478 Dobbin Center WY, Columbia). 4sq.com/cOmuhN #
  • What a good looking bunch: RT @npshana: #FF @franswaa @joewaters @jendarra @Quiel @noah_cooper @daveiam @rjleaman @seanpowell #nptech #
  • The word of the day is #job – J O B RT @elliotharmon: Bunch of new job openings at @techsoup bit.ly/cQuGnZ #
  • Great (quick) posts frm @epolitics: Low-cost #Email Providers bit.ly/bzG31I Easy Opt’s for Online #Fundraisng bit.ly/a3EXXm #
  • Union workers taking over Mott’s facebook page: bit.ly/8XZT6m ht organizing2.0.org #socialmediagonewrong #
  • #Fundraising #Videos That Work: a Compelling Story on a Shoestring Budget via @philanthropy bit.ly/9PDtK2 #
  • RT @mashable: Facebook “Like” Buttons Coming to E-mail Marketing – ow.ly/29ozW cc/ @npshana #



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