daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Roger explains "Cala Boca Galvao" in Tweet For Life | The Agitator bit.ly/9RdhXB #
  • Keys to Fundraising on Foursquare – frogloop bit.ly/cCmqAx #
  • Is @johnhaydon "like"able? Debatable. What’s not? Liking his #facebook skillz: "Facebook Guide for #Np’s" bit.ly/cZ73qR #
  • DC’rs If ur in town Wed, come to McFaddens. PMG spnsrng HH at 5: scr.bi/d5BHp2 cc @cariegrls @starfocus @jocelynharmon #
  • HTML #email: hacks that have your back | the Give Grind bit.ly/9pbt7n #
  • Bet there will be good stuff for all copywriters: EVENT: How to Write Direct-Mail Appeals That Work bit.ly/9h7L6A #
  • I’m at The Big Greek Cafe (8223 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring). 4sq.com/5P9470 #



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