daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Hanging at #salsa10. If your here say hi. If not, say hi anyways. #
  • The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing – Smashing Magazine bit.ly/c22t1S #
  • Kirk/Spock musical slash fiction #video bit.ly/9RX7EJ #awesomeness #
  • I’m at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana (401 7th Street, NW, D Street, Washington). 4sq.com/8N44m3 #
  • RT @Michael_Hoffman: Shortcut to online fundraising landing page design is to look at presidential, where they do a lot of testing #salsa10 #
  • The panel at #salsa10 rec’s tweetbeep for twitter monitoring. #
  • Social media panel dropping some sirrrous #facebook knowledge right now. #salsa10 #
  • HSUS website’s number 1 referrer is #facebook – not google. #salsa10 #
  • Really like tweetdeck but… RT @jonloomer: Let me echo the HootSuite 5 sentiment: Rockin’. Makes others obsolete. I’m happy. #
  • Thanks for the RT’s @dcjams @HumaneSociety #
  • But it has a cape and everything: RT @rjleaman: RT @Sametz Social media will not save you… bit.ly/akweY9 /via @TeresaBasich #
  • RT @lamecasper: http://www.missourifordogs.com great example of an online community taking adv of social net systems that already exist. #salsa10 #
  • Check out allfacebook.com and insidefacebook.com for great info on, well, #facebook 🙂 #salsa10 #
  • I’m at Pasta Plus. 4sq.com/a2oigO #



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