daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Got the US/Slov #WorldCup game cued up at the office. Sweet! #
  • Checking it out right now: RT @rjleaman: Better Sharing for Google Docs: bit.ly/cTdLPT [Wild Apricot Blog] #
  • Terrific #Nonprofit Viral #Videos bit.ly/cvfHV1 #
  • Beautiful #video advocacy by the EDF | the Give Grind bit.ly/aeNCha HT The Agitator #
  • RT @SandyRees: 5 characteristics of a winning #email appeal bit.ly/8mF5il #
  • I would love that! RT @rjleaman: @starfocus really must meet both you & that nice @seanpowell fella one of these years! 🙂 #
  • 13 Facebook Page features that will make your day via @johnhayden bit.ly/aVCCyv #
  • RT @starfocus: Here’s the recording from yesterday #care2 via @NonProfit20 Recording of The Networked Nonprofit webinar: ow.ly/20fRt #
  • Dear @Twitter, please make your mobile iPhone app configurable enough to change the retweet format. Custom formats? RT at least. #
  • Thanks @pineapple! #



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