daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Finally at #buzz2010! Phew. #
  • Man, I am glad I got that all straightened out. #
  • Hey #dcweek friends, let me know if you are around. Getting some coffee/work done @Starbucks. Would love to meet up. #
  • Your 12 step program to better #cause campaigns: bit.ly/ce8pJX #np #
  • Heading over to a #dcweek session and wondering what happens at the Kung Fu Gift Shop. twitpic.com/1xath8 #
  • Getting ready for the transparency and social media session at #dcweek. Please play nice ADD. #
  • RT @PashaIrshad: www.kobeyourself.com/ #
  • "It’s all about the audience (where they are)" Great point by @riaglo at #dcweek. Find your aud. where they communicate. #
  • Can’t get enough of this advice: Why you should write at the 6th-grade level bit.ly/dqFCcn #copy #fundraising #
  • From @cjoh: "Glen Beck is as bad for [you] as fried chicken." cont. the information diet speak. Can’t say I disagree. #dcweek #
  • In a kickass session by @starfocus and @cariegrls on #sm roi. #dcweek #
  • From @cariegrls "If someone is talking about us [HSUS], I know about it." Great listener. #dcweek #
  • Facebook is the number one ref to hsus.org (not google). Wow. #dcweek #
  • Love these peeps RT @melissaAjones: Want 2 donate 2 @AlexsLemonade 2help fight childhood cancer? Text "lemonade" to 85944 to give $10. #
  • Shakespeare if you ask me. Ahhh RT @unhatched: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole. (Amazing!) ht.ly/1ZcZS cc/ @BesusSlice @PashaIrshad #
  • I agree totally: via @jordanv Having followers and friends on fb/twitter, great. Having their email address, even better. #dcweek #
  • Having drinks and food w/ @jordanv @cariegrls @ntenhross and all they can talk about is @daveiam. #imnothatingbut #
  • I’m at Capitol City Brewing Company (1100 New York Ave NW, H Street, Washington) w/ 9 others. 4sq.com/7wkY3E #
  • Hey @pineapple please help with my tweet count. Thanks! Should be around 3k not 800. #



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