daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • RT @majornelson: Office Web Apps is now LIVE: mjr.mn/aSpGUp #
  • Back in the saddle again. Missing the Jamaican sunset but glad to be back in the office and getting things done. Hello out there! #
  • RT @johnmerritt: Attempting to awaken my dormant blog: new post bit.ly/7KrFjM – was also posted in the NTEN blog #
  • Easy peasy: "Two steps to direct mail fundraising success – FFN" bit.ly/bQbEoH #
  • 6 New Terms to Use When Measuring Social Marketing – WWD bit.ly/dzNoKR #
  • Nice reference material on mid level giving: Cashing In On The Chasm – The Agitator bit.ly/biQUYs #
  • Quick read: Nonprofit Fundraising Insight and Actionable Advice bit.ly/cokl3z #
  • Get Inspired: 35+ Hand Picked Facebook Fan Page Profile Images bit.ly/bP0lZ3 #
  • Early version: HTML Validator extension for Safari bit.ly/a6yXcM #
  • "Absolutely the best way to set up a Facebook Page (and add admins)" – bit.ly/9Qv6ub via @johnhaydon #
  • Wed. night reading: The Principles Of Cross-Browser CSS Coding – Smashing Magazine bit.ly/cOiiqz #
  • Hold your breath: Crazy underwater base jump via @kottke bit.ly/bXVQFA #
  • CitizenTube: Five cause marketing videos to watch bit.ly/agq6Dd /cc @joewaters (u might have seen it) #



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