daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Heading home from a great visit w/ CF in Amarillo, TX. Will be glad to see my own bed. #homewardbound #
  • Flight delay after a long trip is the worst. You’re tired, grumpy, weak. Of course, the airlines know this. Vultures. #
  • I agree, of course: Poll Results: Server side language of choice? bit.ly/9cBaAk #
  • Nobody likes a bad one – 24 (good) tools for fundraising with social media via socialbrite bit.ly/bagW2F #
  • Fne tune those listening skillz – Are twittering charities still stuck on broadcast mode? @Markyphillips bit.ly/bYcdJ4 #
  • Want mo’ cross-gen social media stat skills? "Download the Presentation: Show Me the Money – @care2frogloop" bit.ly/9a0EcC #
  • RT @daveiam: When you get the chance leave some comments for Lights. Camera. Help. on the HuffPO today. huff.to/awJEut Plz RT! #
  • Thanks @dkwong5 for the endorsement! Have a great memorial day weekend. #
  • Think I made the wrong airport food choice. Gives a whole new meaning to over the lips, through the gums… #
  • On a higher note, just saw my first A-team the movie promo. Already feeling better. #teamBAbaracus #



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