daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • I’m talking to you, designers: "30+ Best PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Tutorials" bit.ly/bMa3tR #
  • Great point and counter with the Agitator: The Canary In The Data Mine Shaft bit.ly/cws7AQ #
  • "Which SM Company is the Most Socially Responsible and Generous to Nonprofits – Fb, Google, etc" bit.ly/cBHpGn #
  • Happy and excited to welcome a new teammate on board – Debbie Young. Although, not very active on twitter (yet!). #lovingmorehelp #
  • Hey @salesforce, have a #np friend that might have some questions for you and your foundation. Who should they reach out to? Thx! #
  • RT @npshana: Check this @artezonline webinar w/ @AaronMSB "Social Media Video for your Nonprofit". bit.ly/9aoGKd #nptech #nonprofit #



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