daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • See the irony but love the post, esp line abt #email marketing: How to get rid of your unrealistic Twitter-pusher bit.ly/cDjc0k #
  • READ: #Facebook Limits Landing Tabs To “Authenticated Pages” bit.ly/ddERuE /HT @amysampleward /cc @johnhaydon @jonloomer #
  • Sweet! Thx @johnhaydon. (should have known that you would know 😉 @jonloomer @amysampleward #
  • RT @johnhaydon: Facebook custom tab flip-flop. Is everyone up to date on the latest news? bit.ly/bZGKDI #
  • Hey @StaceyMonk @askdebra @mattkoltermann Facebook flip/flopped back to common sense 🙂 (via @johnhaydon) bit.ly/bZGKDI #
  • Interwebs: FB "I wish I knew how 2 quit u" RT @ch1x0r: Love it RT @skydiver: 5 Reasons I’m NOT Quitting Facebook is.gd/chKQH #
  • What about "krisko" :)RT @kristianakocis: @riaglo I need a shorter handle! #
  • J O B RT @npshana: Looking 4 someone w/ peer-to-peer event fundraising exp. for Director of Events pos. in Boston Area. #nonprofit #jobs #
  • Brains + Good looks to match! RT @marksutton: @snotforprofit demoing United Way online fundraising pages #truist twitpic.com/1pgrdi #
  • Good luck! RT @daveiam: Woo Hoo! Just my book writing contact in the mail!! It’s official. I’m writing a book on innovation in the NPO space #
  • Our master list manipulator Marvin doing what he does best. (Just another Thurs with the PMG/MMI crew.) twitpic.com/1pigki #



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