daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Tech Support *is* sales – A Smart Bear bit.ly/bG5O41 #
  • SMART Goals and #Fundraising – The Agitator bit.ly/97CPAI #
  • Nice primer on Backtweets by WA’s @rjleaman bit.ly/cYAoZJ #sm #nptech #
  • Gotta love a good roundup! RT @askdebra: Best links of the week from about.com’s #nonprofit maven @joannefritz is.gd/cdcQj #
  • Just had a nice chat with @AaronMSB at Ridgewood Consulting. Sounds like their doing some cool stuff with #sm #fundraising. /cc @daveiam #
  • Obama Kagan Landing Page-1 [pic] ff.im/-ktL4E #
  • #Emailers: Code Fix for Gmail Image Rendering Problems bit.ly/ayvoQS cc/ @npshana #email #



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