daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • $1.1-Billion Donated for Haiti Relief – bit.ly/9TLwGX bit.ly/cblBCD #fundraising #
  • Hey guys – any body have a good rec for an off site backup solution? 500gb/1tb backup space ideal. Cloud maybe an option. Thx! #
  • RT @artezonline: Want to know nationwide donation trends for this year? Join benchmarking webinar: ow.ly/1L5P8 #fundraising #
  • #FF #nonprofit @ACS_UT @npshana @cariegrls @njdevmgr @johnhaydon @daveiam @jennsutherland AND @jonloomer (like this list!) #
  • Thanks @jonloomer for returning the ff love! saw the @Scobleizer shoutout, mr bigtime ;). #
  • I heard he doesn’t like apple pie either RT @franswaa: Everyone on Twitter, @daveiam doesn’t like Baseball for the record šŸ™‚ #npslander #
  • Nooo say it aint so RT @jonloomer: @seanpowell These are facts. @daveiam also hates puppies. #npslander #
  • First Chuck Norries follows me and now this. What’s next? Bad luck, trouble, problems…I’m not even married: twitpic.com/1nqrcu #
  • Great article by my #np bud @jocelynharmon abt #Fundraising and #SocialMedia. Interview w/ @geoffliving bit.ly/ay8NLy #
  • Not loving this scary Nashville weather. Prepared for bad weather? Head to redcross.org to get tips on staying safe /via @kristianakocis #
  • I’m at Beacon Bar and Grill (1615 Rhode Island Ave NW, 17th St NW, Washington) w/ 3 others. 4sq.com/5vFdfU #



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