daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • RT @johnmerritt: Any NPTechie’s out there using open-mesh WIFI routers? bit.ly/9OyBwH – hoping to get some feedback, thanks! #
  • A suggestion for the #1MillionShirts guys bit.ly/aVkjee #
  • The idiots guide to fundraising – nice pictorial @markyphillips bit.ly/cSXJG0 #
  • Corkboard material: Campaign Monitor cheatsheet for css support in email | the Give Grind bit.ly/c4tzoB #
  • RT @GrizzardComm: Curious about what data tells us about email fundraising/marketing? Take a look at this roundtable bit.ly/aIQPH9 #
  • liking the inside scoop @MKing00: The Next Big Shake-Ups In #Fundraising – frogloop bit.ly/cdsxlP #nonprofit #nptech #
  • Good advice on tech security from @peterscampbell: The Softer Side of Security bit.ly/aElV3Y #
  • Guide to CSS support in email clients – Campaign Monitor [pic] ff.im/-jxm63 #
  • Wonder how this is going to turn out: Alabama Gub. Cand. Tim James: ‘This is Alabama. We Speak English’ Video bit.ly/a4Jsnv #
  • #MDDrupal meetup getting ready to go. Getting pretty hype. #drupal #nptech #NERD #
  • RE: Thanks for swinging by Ros! I really appreciate the hard work you guys put into it. I’m sure you both have saved … disq.us/dlpv5 #



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