daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Thanks for the reminder… RT @kanter: Checking out the changes in the Facebook Privacy settings, are you? cot.ag/caPqF3 #
  • Why u shld #FF @starfocus: RT @johnhaydon: What Drives Danielle Brigida of the National Wildlife Federation? bit.ly/d5HRBW #
  • A great bunch! RT @jonloomer: #FF #nptech @AaronMSB @cariegrls @daveiam @johnhaydon @peterscampbell @npshana @seanpowell @johnmerritt #
  • From me to you: @AaronMSB @jonloomer @cariegrls @johnhaydon @peterscampbell @npshana @johnmerritt @daveiam twitpic.com/1hu5x3 #
  • RT @DCist_Updates Safeway yet to deliver free reusable bags promised to D.C. NPs months ago bit.ly/9lJ179 #
  • Sending more dog tlc your way @rjleaman #
  • Analyzing Facebook: Sysomos Adds Public Facebook Updates to Its Analytics Platform is.gd/bFx4P #
  • Only four % of tweets are spam! RT @GuyKawasaki Awesome (and surprising) Twitter infographics is.gd/bFcUx #



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