daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Going to get my refresh on and #refreshgary – peace #
  • Second this: RT @nonprofitbridge: SOFII – showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration – bit.ly/apcHVI via @addthis #
  • Check out how one org gets you to sing up for their #email list: bit.ly/bNfehz #
  • If you haven’t read it, the Agitators post on DonorTrends’ latest & what’s wrong w/ Target Analytics Index: bit.ly/bFdKnN #
  • Great post @mkdm : The Nth Factor – Desert Island Blogroll bit.ly/aIOQfH #
  • RT @PamelaGrow: Successful Monthly Giving Programs: Interview w/ Jo Sullivan from Lisa Sargent ow.ly/1mQ51 #nonprofit #
  • Staring at the twittersphere trying to figure out something witty and smart to say. Not working. #
  • RT @Chanders: Wow. News Corp would like the create a "permission-based" system of aggregation; opt in to search engine bit.ly/aLDm5J #
  • It’s 6 pm and it is still light outside. That’s what I’m talking about. #
  • Direct mail dead, the curse of the ad agency, and did Mal Warwick write the Bible? -FundRaising Success bit.ly/9iDflj #



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