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t(s)weet roll:

  • Update on #youtube for #nonprofits, more places and more features – Wild Apricot blog bit.ly/cwvHNh #
  • Red Cross Text Haiti Mobile Donation Report | the Give Grind bit.ly/cCGcwr #
  • RT @ReTargeter: Email is still the most important medium of communication (not phone, postal, sms, tweet, FB, etc). ow.ly/197U6 #
  • RT @nonprofitorgs: #CharityTuesday || Donate $10 to your favorite nonprofit! #DonateToCharity #
  • RT @nptechblogs: 5 Questions: Access for All: Basics of Website Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance bit.ly/bp08gp (via NTEN) #
  • Improve #Email Marketing ROI with Segmentation | Blue Sky Factory Blog bit.ly/91Io5E #
  • Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Fundraising Lessons Learned | NetSquared bit.ly/9Y5tpG #
  • How to: Get a recap of the "Text Haiti" campaign from the Red Cross and Mgive: bit.ly/cCGcwr #
  • Twitter And SMS Fundraising Goes Mainstream – Social Times bit.ly/b3t5rZ #
  • Bob Dylan sings Mama Said Knock You Out bit.ly/bc9lvf #
  • What type of Tweets get retweeted most? Bites of Wisdom bit.ly/cCmPkh #
  • How to set up an SMS campaign system bit.ly/doDdgd #



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