daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • I swear that I have the laziest #animals on the planet. I love them but man are they lazy! #lazydog #lazycat #
  • Say what? 😉 "Adorable child in NGO fund-raising photo sues for royalties – Aid Watch" bit.ly/96VIPP #
  • Help! I Need Video! (How to Deal with the Question "Why Aren’t We Getting 1,000,000 Views"?) bit.ly/94gRFF #
  • If results came from working out in the future, I would be the Cal Ripkin of it. #CaptainPostpone (accented e) #
  • Free Guide to Membership Software Selection bit.ly/cKzhEX #
  • RT @nptechblogs: ->@mashable: 5 Winning Corporate Social Good Campaigns bit.ly/b89131 #
  • Listening to a little Zapp and Roger. Where’s my talk box? #



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