daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • For you NP techies: Care and Feeding of Your Website: Google Webmaster Tools bit.ly/cTRYoe #
  • At least read for the visuals! "The Social Media Response to Disaster in Haiti – #NTEN" bit.ly/aqntms #realtimeweb #
  • RT @rjleaman: RT @sitepointdotcom Why Your Website Statistics Reports Are Wrong, Part 1 bit.ly/7Jf4n0 #
  • Quick ?: For those who #e-append for #fundraising, how would you categorize the result? A loss leader? Not worth it? #
  • Just read that 58% of 12 year olds own a cell phone. #pew #
  • Are you adding a mobile field to your forms? "Are Online Activists Ready to Give Up their Mobile Numbers?" bit.ly/8X0mis #
  • RT @KISSmetrics: 10 techniques for an effective "call to action" klck.me/Aa5 #webdesign #
  • Taking the oh cr@p out of special characters | the Give Grind bit.ly/8ZCksJ #email #fundraising #



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