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t(s)weet roll:

  • Some good tips: "Building an Integrated Online Fundraising Strategy" bit.ly/bB40TU #
  • More Proof That Storytelling and Gratitude Pay Off bit.ly/aqqCIT #
  • Must read for you fb’rs: How to Be Effective on #Facebook: Tips for #Nonprofits bit.ly/aXq4bB #
  • Jocelyn Harmon: Stand Up for Children bit.ly/ddVsPd /via @nptechblogs #
  • 10 Tips for #NonProfits on #Facebook bit.ly/9aT4PQ #
  • How do donors choose which charity to give to? bit.ly/b3LfBE #
  • Now this is useful: "Romance your donors with feminine copy" bit.ly/9YD21M #fundraising #
  • Why Social Media and Cause Marketing Belong Together bit.ly/bVKtTH #
  • 4 Pillars of Excellent Blogging: Pillar 1 Consistency bit.ly/cUIAuT #
  • 100 Word Review: Act.ly for Nonprofit Organizations bit.ly/9j8VN7 #



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