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t(s)weet roll:

  • Quote: “Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.” — Edward Tufte #
  • Jeff examines reasons why ppl respond to some disasters & not others at Future Fundraising Now bit.ly/b36r8Y #
  • Are They Dinosaurs? | The Agitator – Fundraising bit.ly/a0Rnkv #
  • Buzz, are you out there? (test) #
  • Charity Navigator: Celebrating Charities That Get It Right When It Comes To Respecting Their Donors’ Wishes bit.ly/bKdTts #
  • Biz Stone Promoting Twitter in 2006 @ seonix.org/2010/02/11/biz-stone-promoting-twitter-in-2006/ #funny #crazy #twitter #1337 #
  • 20 inspiring women to follow on Twitter | Socialbrite bit.ly/aUNVv5 #
  • Still not getting tweets to show up in Buzz. It did seem to be on a delay but now it is just not loading. #
  • Finally reading the M+R report on #SocialMedia #NonProfit benchmarks. Good info abt #facebook / #twitter practice in the wild. #
  • RT @change: Take Action: Stop @facebook from switching to dirty coal bit.ly/bmabZV #climate #socialmedia #
  • #Fundraising is child’s play – Queer Ideas bit.ly/9f3TzY #
  • Entertain us! "The Power of Timely Outreach — 3 Snowy Day Campaigns" bit.ly/bxeOjn #
  • Kitchen sink? "Best Links: Big Thoughts on Social Media, Your Own iPhone App, and a Cookie with a Mission" bit.ly/d1XpuA #
  • Find me here on #buzz: bit.ly/aEXVIx #
  • I wish that I had a band to put back together and a Rev Cleophus James to follow. #



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