daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Nonprofit Marketing Guide » Newsletter Ideas for Every Month of the Year bit.ly/ar6qbS #
  • I knew I should have bought that Cytex auto-inflating/deflating survivor compound when I had the chance. #snowpacolypse #
  • #Snowmaggedon from space bit.ly/ae1L2L #
  • Protect your "google brand" for Google Buzz :: Nonprofit Tech 2.0 bit.ly/aigKNi #
  • "Excellent Direct Response Advice | The Agitator" bit.ly/bHzUCf #fundraising #
  • Get to the Point: What Am I, a Magician? bit.ly/aV5GJ8 #emailmarketing #
  • Listening to donors only takes you so far – Future Fundraising Now bit.ly/9guEjy #
  • Another DC Police Snowball Arrest: bit.ly/d7hxdZ #



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