daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • "An Experiment with Facebook Advertising for Nonprofit Organizations « Nonprofit Tech 2.0" bit.ly/btd8Hn #
  • "10 Nonprofit Text Alert Campaigns « Nonprofit Tech 2.0" bit.ly/9Puz1w #text #
  • Share your lesson learned in online fundraising bit.ly/dpC6x5 #
  • "Facebook’s Senior Surge – The Agitator" bit.ly/bwJ2us #fundraising #
  • Post about Haiti Giving & Wyclef’s Charity Yele w/ rebuttal (comments) from Yele’s President bit.ly/aeQjzf #
  • 10 ways to "Give a gift that gives back this Valentine’s Day" bit.ly/c9pEER #
  • Thx @jocelynharmon , now I feel bad about not going (gym) yesterday! "What Do You Want to Switch? frogloop" bit.ly/dqEkvC #



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