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t(s)weet roll:

  • "Donor Power Blog: Darwinism and Fundraising – an Observation." bit.ly/adEFvh #
  • #email’rs check this out: "Email Design Look Book 2009" bit.ly/b6LgZU #
  • Great graph showing online giving within first five days of major event (e.g. disaster) v/ Connections Blog bit.ly/dDv9m5 #
  • "Irrelevant images kill fundraising – Future Fundraising Now" bit.ly/akJIV7 #fundraising #email #
  • Kinda like the Razzies for np’s "The Just Awards Are Coming: Nominate Someone! | Rosetta" bit.ly/bH20MG #
  • "Nonprofit launches ad campaign promoting disabled hires – DMNews" bit.ly/bteCsp #
  • "Fundraising 2009—was it good for you? « Nonprofit Communications: Duck Call Blog" bit.ly/b53zP4 #fundraising #
  • RT @joannefritz: Pew Survey/new stats about who’s onine and what they’re doing bit.ly/aUJdYi (Slate) #
  • By asking! RT @johnhaydon: Fresh Post-> Comments? "How do we get our nonprofit’s supporters to retweet content?" bit.ly/buBOBE #
  • Nonprofits Should Consider SMS Fundraising With Eyes Wide Open – Beth’s Blog bit.ly/biL9Ro #
  • 5 Real Challenges For Non-Profit Texting Campaigns – Geoff L @Mashable bit.ly/92BX5U #
  • Why fundraising doesn’t work when it should – Future Fundraising Now bit.ly/cDA81g #



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