daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Naral: retaining one time donors is tough. Trying to turnaround those one timers quicker into loyal fivers through cultivation. #dcnpconf #
  • Naral: making content relevent by iweaving current events (healthcare) into fundraising efforts. #dcnpconf #
  • Naral: use peoples emotion on the issue to attain campaign goals. Use social pressure too! #dcnpconf #
  • Naral: social pressure and emotionality converted activists to donors. #dcnpconf #
  • Goodall: initially started with soft asks to foster cultivation. Most campaigns did not focus on an ask but another action. #dcnpconf #
  • HSUS: 8% of all donations come online. #dcnpconf #
  • HSUS: 11 active online campaigns. #dcnpconf #
  • HSUS: acquire involve covert and retain. Rules for managing your list. #dcnpconf #
  • HSUS: you will never see a donation page without an image. Images always increases donations. #dcnpconf #
  • NARAL made a brilliant move adding their donation form on their home page. #dcnpconf /via @DCWebGuy #
  • HSUS: great campaign that thanked donors with an advantageous thank you ask for monthly gifts online. Had a 10% response!! #dcnpconf #
  • What a great easy to follow post: "Section 508 compliance is still easier than you think" bit.ly/ak39La #
  • Causes reaches $20 Million in Donations « Amy Sample Ward bit.ly/c5aLAR #



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