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t(s)weet roll:

  • Sorry guys for being absent for the last few days. I have been preparing for my engagement at the #dcnpconf #
  • Come by and see the panel and myself at r west b. 2pm Multichannel Fund 45 tips in 60 minutes. #dcnpconf #
  • Just finished the panel. I had some smart co-panelists with me. Nerves starting to calm now. #dcnpconf #
  • For those interested the tips presentation will be available after the conference. #dcnpconf #
  • At a big box retailer, 60% of email revenue happened at the retail location. 33% online. #dcnpconf #
  • For 2009 red cross vastly updated their fundraising campaigns. Tested a lot. More variety. #dcnpconf #
  • American Red Cross says you need a great comitted group in order to achieve integration. #dcnpconf /via @jocelynharmon #
  • Red Cross: Document your process so that next year’s campaigns run turnkey. #dcnpconf #
  • Red Cross will explore more peer2peer fundraising. #dcnpconf #
  • 29 million raised via Red Cross text campaign for Haiti. #dcnpconf #helphaiti #
  • Breaking down silos is a key challenge to cross channel success. Jeff Regen #dcnpconf #
  • Empower a cross channel leader to break down silos in your org! Jeff Regen #dcnpconf #
  • RT @jcasalmir: obv. I’m one day early for Follow Friday but if you aren’t following @smithsonian you are seriously missing out. #
  • Defenders: Get your dif groups to coordinate in any way possible. #dcnpconf #
  • For successful integration you need to share costs across depts. #dcnpconf /via @jocelynharmon #



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