daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Great comparison: "Measuring up email and social media – Campaign Monitor" bit.ly/8B3RLA #email #sm #
  • When crafting your html #email, make sure you set the widths and height of your images. It keeps the format togethe… post.ly/JoDP #
  • Wild Apricot Blog : How to Bring #Facebook Fans to Your Nonprofit Blog: Part 1 bit.ly/7uq8fx #sm #
  • Anyone know how to share a particular slide from slideshare? There is a great slide from #Pew that I want to highlight about email. #
  • RT @BFrist Tremendous story about how we found a little girl under the rubble, and saved her at the hospital: bit.ly/4L6Vzb #
  • Paraphrasing: including #sm links in your #email dramatically increases email engagement + inbound traffic. bit.ly/91MRq5 #
  • Happy 5 year PMG anniversary Robin! Hope for many more. #
  • Wondering if there is a basecamp for keeping other things in my life organized? #
  • RT @HawaiiRedCross: Article on why relief agencies encourage financial donations for Haiti instead of food/clothing – bit.ly/8I7qV4 #
  • Social networks don’t seem to be driving extra traffic to help Haiti – Queer Ideas bit.ly/7oyTTd #


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