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t(s)weet roll:

  • "To Plan or Not To Plan –> Lori Jacobwith" bit.ly/6hVLBe #fundraising #plan #
  • "Tips on fundraising with social media –> Amy Sample Ward" -Amy Sample Ward bit.ly/4ZwQgH #sm #fundraising #
  • Keepin’ it simple: "How you say you spend it is important – Queer Ideas" bit.ly/5rfmhP #
  • This post has a quick list of charities responding: "7.0 Earthquake Hits Haiti – Charity Nav" bit.ly/6Qfubj #helphaiti #
  • "Watch Congress in Real Time on your iPhone – Sunlight Labs" bit.ly/4oq383 #
  • Great opening: "There’s a pretty good chance you sound like a complete idiot… – Jeff Brooks" bit.ly/5BCTrj #fundraising #
  • You can help the Red Cross’ relief efforts w/ $10 by texting HAITI to 90999. Or you can go here: bit.ly/4Gd6lr #helphaiti #
  • RT @RedCross: Deploying 6 disaster mgmt specialists to Haiti to help coordinate relief. These join the staff of 15 we already have … there #
  • RT @nonprofitorgs: @RedCross Raises $800,000+ for Haiti Through Text Message Campaign: bit.ly/754Qg4 #
  • "Beware of Scam Charities Popping Up – Charity Nav" bit.ly/5CZNZx #
  • Facebook Unites a Former Guantanomo Bay Guard with Prisoner – The Next Web bit.ly/8sbGDZ #fb #



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