daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Raising Xmas fund for Salvation Army (LOC) [pic] ff.im/-dVf0c #
  • Asking the heart not the mind: "Don’t explain away the power of symbolism – FFN" bit.ly/5rdjdf #fundraising #
  • "Non-Profits Can Rule the Social Media World – VerticalResponse Email Marketing" bit.ly/7GeCQ0 #sm4good #nonprofit #
  • "What is Cause Marketing? – Selfish Giving" bit.ly/4nHBhk #nonprofit #
  • Video: "Operation Chihuahua in Effect!" bit.ly/8PMnR4 #
  • John Githongo on the impacts of technology post.ly/Hbr9 #
  • Help with that appeal: "Dragon Slaying 101: How to Use Heroic Language to Battle Boring Copy – Copyblogger" bit.ly/6KaeAA #
  • "Focus on the single minded proposition – Queer Ideas" So you’re saying baby videos help, right? 😉 bit.ly/7raZh2 #
  • "Secretary Clinton Pledges to Work With Nonprofit World –> Give and Take • by Ian Wilhelm" bit.ly/6ade1I #
  • "The 2010 New Year Checklist for Your Business by verticalresponse" bit.ly/4mXOJR #email #



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