daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Happy New Year! #fb #
  • 10 biggest gifts donated by Americans in 2009 totaled just $2.7-billion…compared with $8-billion in 2008… bit.ly/6MMHcT #
  • Maybe too late not but a good reference to have: "Best Charities for Last Minute Giving" bit.ly/4Wch57 #
  • RT @saquiresearch: If you are a non-profit strategizing for 2010 fundraising, you HAVE to read this post! bit.ly/7fCStY #
  • Spending the new year with our peeps beez and meez in W Palm Beach hvg saki bombs – take 1. twitpic.com/w9quo #
  • Just had Sloan’s Ice Cream. Their tagline: "homemade luxury ice cream" #
  • Teaching @BesusSlice in the ways of the twitterer. Send him some love and share some advice. Discovering real time search… #
  • RT @DerekMarkham: Just unsubscribed from a bunch of ‘newsletters’ that never add to my life, only sell to me. Aah. That feels good. #



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