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t(s)weet roll:

  • "10 Social Networking & Fundraising Lessons We Learned from 500toys.org — Shaun in the City" bit.ly/4CErw7 #
  • "5 characteristics of a winning email appeal – Get Fully Funded" bit.ly/64Nm5J #
  • "Tweeting for Climate Change? Lessons Learned from 1Sky’s Twitter Campaign – frogloop" bit.ly/6lX0me #
  • "VerticalResponse: 10 Must-Haves To Dress Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns" bit.ly/7yuHQs #email #
  • "SmartBlog On Social Media » The social media challenge facing every nonprofit" bit.ly/7ghefT #sm #fundraising #
  • "What is microfinance? – Good Intentions Are Not Enough" bit.ly/4HIcuy #nonprofit #
  • "End of Year Appeals: 3 Common Mistakes" bit.ly/6S5QAV #



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