daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Questions about "Gifts of livestock – GiveWell Blog" bit.ly/6vgtfM #
  • RT @smashingmag: Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – bit.ly/17Eif5 #
  • "Six reasons people don’t give, and what you can do about them – Future Fundraising" bit.ly/5vFkU7 #
  • "…written communication has to be engaging, compelling, urgent and important. /Agitator" No matter the medium. bit.ly/6i66sw #
  • "Email Marketing: ‘When’ is Just as Important as ‘What’ – MarketingVOX" bit.ly/8uXzR2 #
  • "Top Philanthropy Events of the Last 10 Years – Give and Take" bit.ly/8ycOmY #
  • RT @Habitat_org: View a slideshow of celebrity volunteers who take time to build w/Habitat for Humanity: bit.ly/8Z8peN #
  • It’s a Monday back from a long weekend and man, my brain is not working. Come on coffee! #



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