daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • "Mashable & our favorite posts of the year – Socialbrite" bit.ly/4nE6Gx #
  • Beagle puppies at the Washington Animal Rescue League in D.C. (video) bit.ly/4LyJ5Y #puppies please RT #
  • The PMG christmas lunch is about to pop off. Looking forward to eating and drinking away the good and the bad of the past year w/ everyone. #
  • And as almost a parting gift for 2009, Entourage dies. RIP. Moves up that Thunderbird tryout I have been wanting to do. Sweet. #
  • I hate it when essential software breaks down at the worst possible moment. #grievance #festivus #
  • "On Frogloop’s Radar" – Webinars and More bit.ly/7ApjCe #
  • What ‘A Christmas Carol’ Can Teach Us About Social Justice bit.ly/vF3h (ht @disPlacement) /via @hardlynormal #
  • Having a great time at the PMG and MMI Holiday lunch. Check out Rick Powell in action with a new fball. #fb twitpic.com/utohg #
  • Useful: "High-quality and low-cost website maintenance, website support & update service." bit.ly/4VKcbl /via @AccuGuy #
  • Make any amt. donation to ow.ly/P2DC & we’ll send u a FREE @AlexsLemonade wristband. Help us win $20K! /via @AlexsLemonade #



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