Around the interwebs in 5ish days

This is a post of posts that you want to read.

Think of me as a poor man’s scrubbing bubbles for non-profit information and this is the result of my semi exact process for finding that stuff.  By semi exact, I mean I bookmark what I read all week and couple that with a highly double secret process to decide importance (Read:  Arbitrary).

Seriously, these are some good reads.  They are chock full of good information.  Pretty well spread out across the online fundraising spectrum, you will find some goodie gum dropish material here.

Here are the posts I think that you think that I think you should read:

Keep this online fundraising report clipped to your waist like your favorite fanny pack.

This article is for the introverted social media expert in your life.

This is what’s hot in the tweets.

This is what’s really hot in the tweets.  Real, Real Time Search for NP’s.  Videos for the mediaphile in you.

Here’s to you magically Integrating Email and Social Media.

Feel doubley good when purchasing your Chrismahanukwanzakah gifts.  Yes, you are welcome.  Happy Festivus!

Lastly, the give back link back so that I can live with myself link back (purposeful redundancy).


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