daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • The Upside of Philanthropic Failure | Tactical Philanthropy bit.ly/5Fnr47 bit.ly/57Qy7H #
  • Integrating E-Mail and Social Media – eMarketer bit.ly/8nY5M1 /via @technorati #
  • "Get your users to take action" – Get Fully Funded bit.ly/693EJp #
  • Only “C” For This Fundraising Video – The Agitator bit.ly/5CzGKf #
  • Great info: "Takeaways from the Winter 2009 Email Insider Summit" bit.ly/4yfBeA #
  • Quick study: "IdealWare – Getting Started with Email Fundraising" bit.ly/72Jzfc #
  • Turn over a new leaf this year! Check out our #green gift guide, bit.ly/6SdqyF /via @nature_org #



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