daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • What a great example of a great email: "Grist Online Fundraising – Agitator" bit.ly/6pfyK8 #
  • "Ben Stiller Asks Ryan Seacrest to Retweet Stillerstrong … and to Co-Star in Bad Boys 3 Video" Mashable bit.ly/5Kp9sN #
  • Just hit the meter jackpot in Georgetown! #luckyday #
  • 100 Word Review: Google’s Real-Time Search for Nonprofit Organizations – NP Tech 2.0 bit.ly/4CNn57 #
  • Do you thank each donor personally? "How Many Thank-Yous Will I Get This Year? – Kivi Miller" bit.ly/8uBznl #
  • Call To Service: Feed A Neighbor – The Kitchn bit.ly/8n5THP #
  • TED | TEDBlog: Q&A with Sunitha Krishnan: Breaking down the sex trade and rebuilding its victims tinyurl.com/yj6qkj7 #
  • RT @chrismessina: MacUpdate Holiday Bundle out: 11 apps for $50! I’d do this just for Machinarium and Socialite! tr.im/mupromo #deal #
  • Saying thank you like Alicia Myers post.ly/EcOp #



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