This post rounds up some of the better fundraising related info found around the www.

Giving Thanks Through Email w/ Urban Outfitters
Is there ever a reason to send an email with “no-reply” as the return address?  I can’t think of one and it seems that Dylan Boyd over at agrees in his latest post about giving thanks through email.  One sure way to seem insincere while thanking your new donor, subscriber, whatever, is to send the thank you email from a dead email address.

What not to do
The power of positive thinking has been ingrained in my head ever since my father handed me a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s book.  So it is not surprising to find information supporting positivity as it pertains to fundraising.  Check out how Jeff Brooks and Katya Andresen explain how the opposite, using guilt and/or overwhelming negative numbers, are no way to create a successful holiday appeal.  (Chart alert: There is a nice model on Katya’s blog that shows the value of life saving versus numbers of lives to save.)

Some Light Reading 🙂
This FREE report is absolutely awesome and easy to read. Includes some of my favorite maxims.  Don’t overload your donor with option.  Simplify your form with need to have information only.  Test.  Test some more.
2009 Year-End Fundraising Guide (form sign up required)

Video Campaign to Checkout
The Washington Animal Rescue League’s Pets to Vets Program (disclosure: WARL is a client and where I picked up this mangy mutt!)

A little help for my friends
21 Free Webinars for NPs


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