daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • "Tying an online ad or piece of email marketing directly to a customized landing page…can lift conversion by 40%" bit.ly/75B664 #
  • Thanks for the RT love yesterday ppls – @aellison and @gijp ! #
  • Just rec’d my invite to wasabi. As an avid feedly and GR fan myself, is there anything you guys want to share about netvibes w? #
  • Pushing Your Buttons With Practical CSS3 bit.ly/92OlSM #
  • Fooling around with Outlook 2007 and email rendering. Why make things so difficult outlook? #
  • And for the 15th entourage crash of the day… #
  • RT @jeffbrooks: Today at Future Fundraising Now: More predictions for fundraising in the year 2020 – ow.ly/HVtL #
  • RT @smashingmag: 35 Useful Scripts for Tooltips – bit.ly/62dClp #
  • In the (DC) Arts: Newseum Cuts Staff, 158 Take Smithsonian Buyout bit.ly/5Y3qou #
  • Prospecting: Predictions of $4-Billion in Online Holiday Donations bit.ly/5Ou0SQ #
  • 21 Free Webinars for Nonprofits – December 2009 bit.ly/5db2zt #
  • #drupalmd meetup starting! #
  • going over the #drupal gigya module at the #drupalmd meetup. cool social networking site integration. #
  • Postal Mail, Post-Internet | GOVERNING bit.ly/91yDiu #



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