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t(s)weet roll:

  • Reading The Tale of E-mail and the Banner Ad www.clickz.com/3635718 #
  • Here’s a good fundraising appeal: I gave bit.ly/6S1S5Y #
  • Love your 404! "Get to the Point: The ROI on Your 404" bit.ly/8IfuX1 #
  • Tips for Integrating Social Media and E-mail Strategy : FundRaising Success bit.ly/7VFqbM #
  • "I Hope My Kids Organize Their Own Online Fundraiser When They Are Teenagers" Beth’s Blog bit.ly/5I9XDl #
  • Space out your appeals and include non asks in your mail plan, says Sandy at the GFF blog: bit.ly/8YZU5Y #
  • Fully packaged Drupal distributions now deployed on drupal.org bit.ly/5lZ9xc #
  • I love this post. Great for those who send email: "Giving Thanks" bit.ly/5OGx49 #



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