Animated Gifs: Back on the scene, crispy and clean

A quick post about animated gifs as an easy to implement strategy for delivering video directly to the inbox.  Posted below are how-tos, examples, and references.

Just like last night’s pizza making a next day breakfast resurrection, animated gifs are back on the scene, at least for email anyways.  Before the saucy-hipness of web 2.0, the YouTube self-made-video insurrection, or the Hulu conglomerati; animated gifs graced us on internal work communiqué and early web incantations. Sadly, good looks and charm weren’t the artwork’s strong suit.  The winning combination of somewhat awkward video-like display and typically poor design beckoned for the trash bin (see Clippy).

Recently though, these bastions of poor design are now seen in a new light. Animated Gifs are delivering chic email ads for the like of Neiman-Marcus and Mercedes-Benz.  They are seen touting a makeover of super singer, Susan Boyle, in the inbox or confidently displaying company z’s latest fashion show directly in the email message body.

More importantly, animated gifs play very nice with the many email clients out there.  Deliverability and content display are generally a null issue*.  Email fundraisers are familiar with how not conforming to the many email inbox non conformists (read Outlook) can spell disaster.  Animated gifs done correctly are an excellent option for easily including video in your upcoming campaign.

Action: Push a little deeper with these posts from around the web chalk full of examples and how-tos.

The title says it all.  “Animated Gif = 26% increase in click-through rate”

Some great example laden posts:

Some nice how-tos for creating your not crappy animated gif: (Ladies, this one uses a Twilight movie campaign as an example)

Other homework:

*Outlook 2007 will only display the first image.


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