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t(s)weet roll:

  • Is your year end campaign ready? "…40 percent of all online donations come in during end-of-year campaigns?" bit.ly/15A2Ir #
  • 2010 Fundraising Plans – Investment Priorities from the Agitator (quick chart) bit.ly/LsEuf #
  • I can’t get enough of this GiveMN campaign: "With online giving campaigns, everyone’s a philanthropist" bit.ly/3odlQX #
  • "Will these free email ESP accounts harm the industry more" – dylan@eroi.com (eROI) bit.ly/2u6ePW #
  • Current fundraising convo: Year End. As in "Help me with x YE campaign." "Almost year end…" "Holy sh*t it’s the end of the Year!" #
  • RT @timoreilly: One of the most important pieces ever written about #gov20 and social engagement: bit.ly/3aRLh8 Chge = CULTURECHNGE. #
  • I have to check out dropbox. Man, I am late to the party. #
  • Just setup Camino 2.0 as my dedicated twitter client. Love it! #
  • Three Different Approaches to Twitter Fundraising: Bees, Turkeys, and Blame bit.ly/qiTVL #
  • RT @paynter: I’m happy to announce Care2’s new, fun way to make a difference – Butterfly Rewards! bit.ly/9XQYb #
  • PHP 5.3.1 Released! bit.ly/3wl0w8 #
  • RT @iamkhayyam: Drunk ‘ninja’ impaled self | bit.ly/14Ondw *LOL #
  • RT @wordpress: Video from @WordPressTV: @drylk’s presentation on Elastic—A WYSIWYG editor for themes: wp.me/pllYY-MJ #



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