daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Anyone watching Conan? He just did an awesomely funny new moon spoof! #
  • Designing CSS Buttons: Techniques and Resources bit.ly/rm2kF #
  • "“Running effective email campaigns” has supplanted “Managing my web site” as highest-rated challenge.." NTEN Survey bit.ly/3HX2cY #
  • "Half of respondents (51%) do expect to (fund)raise more money in 2010; 40% about the same;" – Agitator bit.ly/2NjL1H #
  • "There are just six days to go before TweetsGiving! Next week" – Amy Sample Ward bit.ly/4gafzx #
  • "Decisions about donation pages should be driven by objective data, not subjective opinion/what looks good." bit.ly/34WZTQ #
  • RT @susancoebrown: Thank goodness for fosters! Beatle is a VERY good Mom! RT @WashAnRescLeag: Beatle’s bea #puppies! bit.ly/3a36jm #
  • RT @washingtonian: Ten fun things to do this weekend for $10 or less! bit.ly/3CHW3W #
  • RT @dsilverman: You can now add a description to Twitter lists. Yay. #
  • Need some motivation to work out. After work, the term work+ seems so far away. #
  • Posted: The next MD #Drupal meetup Dec 2 @7pm in Columbia bit.ly/1xSNrD @Ron_Williams @akilah @aellison woohooo! #
  • You know it’s bad when you refer to someone outside of twitter by their twitter name! #
  • From DC & into home grown hip hop? Check @seezmarch: opening for E&A, Themselves next Wed. @ RnR Hotel: bit.ly/preturkey #
  • amazing results! congrats MN RT @nptechblogs: ->@kanter: GiveMN Raises $14 Million Online in 24 Hours! bit.ly/3DLv2r #
  • Make Money Off Others’ Sites with Reframe It 2.0 bit.ly/2iMOA2 #
  • "Oxfam America is asking you to give a [bleep]." -Ian Wilhelm bit.ly/2Z6u9P #
  • Funnels on the Fly in Google Analytics bit.ly/1107NO #



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