daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • RT @rosettathurman: DC’s Ward 8 unemployment tops 28%: ow.ly/D4jD #DC #
  • Great list: RT @KooDooZ: Ten ‘To-Dos’ for People Under 30 is.gd/4X76k I’ve always lived by the last 3 rules, @zyOzyfounder. #
  • "According to estimates, companies have spent almost $1.5 billion on cause marketing in 2009." – Jeff Brooks bit.ly/3fDVUF #
  • The 100 best quotes from The Wire bit.ly/1k57FJ #
  • YouTube Direct "enables you to solicit user generated videos, moderate video submissions & display them…" bit.ly/4kjX5J #
  • From @marcapitman "over 75% of the billions of dollars given each year is given by individuals." bit.ly/4mxyBv #
  • Email Is Not Yet Dead – How to Write Effective Subject Lines for Your Nonprofit Email bit.ly/3X2AQH #
  • Chase commits $5 million to Facebook charity campaign | The Social – CNET News bit.ly/45OR4i #
  • Libertarian calendar girls launch fundraising effort bit.ly/2yYNJE #
  • looks like seesmic web has me in its clutches. enjoying it more and more each day. loving auto list refresh. wish seesmic desktop had it. #
  • I am still working on transferring thoughts into tweetable text. It’s harder than I thought and taking longer to figure out. #
  • Definitely harder than writing. #
  • If you answer your own tweets, does that mean you’re nuts? #
  • Really wishing Coda had a auto recovery right now. #
  • Really wishing twitter had a recall-a-tweet feature (for punctuation errors). 😉 #
  • RT @riggo44: Check out new video. LaVar Arrington is my new super hero…not because of what I witnessed him do… bit.ly/2C6rle #
  • I think Jules (my dog and bud) is going to unfriend me for not running him around tonight. #
  • RT @Sue_Anne: RT @socialbrite: Conversations about nonprofits: 65% happens on blogs, 20% on Twitter. Video bit.ly/3P2urz #



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