daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • What a game. What a comeback. #Colts vs #Patriots #SNF #
  • Great post w/ video, bulletpnts, & predictions! The Right Way to use Social Media for Fundraising: Beth’s Blog bit.ly/1dXRGZ #
  • RT @andysowards: A Guide to Creating Email Newsletters | Webdesigner Depot bit.ly/3xNYEA #
  • How not to write lame headlines – FFN Blog bit.ly/2wirAE #
  • "59% of all shares on the [TellAFriend] were done via email, 25% via IM and just 14%" on Social Media bit.ly/11eX4N #
  • Twitter Definitely Ditching "Suggested Users List" RWW bit.ly/3hxlmD #
  • "less than 40% of Americans expect to give a donation as a holiday gift this year, compared with nearly 50%" bit.ly/4U8XD #
  • Good read RT @jeanlucr: The death of the URL j.mp/42M7ku #
  • "People are worried the real-time web will destroy their readership…the numbers show something very different." bit.ly/8Kl33 #



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