daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Nonprofit Next Initiative and the Convergence Report bit.ly/3PTg25 #
  • D’load 2009 np tagline report here. A great resource from Nancy Schwartz & the Getting Attention blog. bit.ly/fsodk #
  • Washington Animal Rescue League – Lionheart’s Rescue bit.ly/472j2O #
  • anybody in the dc area having iphone data issues?!?!?!?! #
  • Email Not Dead, Council Says – MarketingVOX bit.ly/1ZQtF3 #
  • just got my macheist.com on! #
  • RT @rosettathurman: Help spread the word! @Grants_Pratt is creating a twitter list of MD & DC nonprofits bit.ly/3dBIqw #
  • Cool visualizations! "More data platforms for philanthropy" bit.ly/1PFtce #
  • Video from Get Fully Funded: "What your donor REALLY wants" bit.ly/oR5gs #
  • Three Free Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit Cred bit.ly/omhAS #
  • Just got my pho on w/ Jeanne. Stuffed. Game over. #
  • Try this: 1. Get to a Google search box 2. Type in "is it wrong" 3. See what Google suggests. bit.ly/1JCq3z #
  • Wish I could combine every list I like into one super list and watch it roll in real time. #
  • Help ‘Lift Up’ Ellie Potvin, Eight Year Old With Rare Cancer bit.ly/3flbth #
  • Telling myself that buying new toy (droid, imac, etc) won’t make me cooler, smarter, or better looking. Never ‘ve been a good listener… #



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