daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • at #socialmediaday with the dmaw #
  • RT @lesliebradshaw: twitpic.com/ocx1p – Web Trend Sharing map based on Tokyo subway @Clearspring @widgetgirl. #socialmediaday #
  • RT @melaniephung: #socialmediaday @vargasl: ppl forget to have a plan before start. 3 objectives= 1) outputs, 2) outtakes, 3) outcomes #
  • Man, we are off and running today. Presenters are moving fast at #socialmediaday! #
  • Social media is best viewed (read measured) from a community standpoint. – Huxley #socialmediaday #
  • RT @kanter: Haagen-Dazs to donate $1 for every #HelpHoneyBees tweet Nov. 5-11 will fund research re: collapse of honeybee colonies worldwide #
  • RT @melaniephung: Just donated $5 to @sharestrength by texting "share" to 20222. #socialmediaday #
  • "Don’t save your punchline to the end." #socialmediaday #
  • I wish Mr Tony was here to drive the social media bandwagon! We know that the skins don’t need it. #socialmediaday @Tony_Kornheiser #



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