daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • How To Use Information You Already Have To Personalize Constituent Experiences Online bit.ly/4wfC97 #
  • Nonprofit Fundraising in 2020 bit.ly/1NXPCP #
  • A great list: "Year-End Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts" bit.ly/1q4fUr #
  • Quick Video: "Sagrada Familia climate action in Barcelona" from Greenpeace bit.ly/1vMDHI #
  • Case Study: Inside an Integrated Holiday Fundraising Campaign bit.ly/2GfyrP #
  • Get your photos to tell a story: bit.ly/1mZzK1 #
  • Fundrazr: PayPal’s Adaptive Account and Payment APIs Realized bit.ly/1fG0WX #
  • Cool story about a fighter down on his luck … Yahoo! Sports bit.ly/kPQvB #



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