daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Cool campaign: Scavenger hunt adventure race to benefit local nonprofit bit.ly/2fbTjW #
  • YouTube – Serve the Hungry This Thanksgiving with Video Volunteers bit.ly/1RBvOX #
  • Point bit.ly/2zzqZv Counter Point bit.ly/B3IDe on downsides of transparency #
  • RT @amyrsward: In case you missed it before, "How to Create a Listening Dashboard" is up on the NTEN blog: bit.ly/1AqdrK #nptech #
  • The Blues Mothers. #unseenprequels #
  • A great round up of #nonprofit tech posts from #NTEN: bit.ly/3dzgIh #
  • Thought you would like this @jeffrigby … Slow Web site? Yahoo open-sources an app for that bit.ly/2wVtwY #
  • The 2009 Embedded Giving Challenge bit.ly/4yn55l #
  • Best First Step into Social Media — Monitoring Your Nonprofit’s Reputation and Issues bit.ly/nCuLd #
  • Thanks @marcapitman and @kgilnack for the rt love! #
  • Thanks @susancoebrown for the rt. Sorry I missed WARL yesterday. Got stuck doing this and that. #



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