daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • Chuck Norri Action Jeans post.ly/B3MZ #
  • Entertaining: "Things We Like – NTEN" bit.ly/1xfM0E #
  • The Building Blocks of an Email Relationship bit.ly/D8y0r #
  • 8 Twitter Lists nonprofits should create bit.ly/PlAWs #
  • Roundup Highlights: Email pref centrs important, Future of deliverability, qa and email… Retail Email Blog bit.ly/1We9hb #
  • How To: Merge Email, Microsites and Social Media for Product Launch Success MarketingSherpa bit.ly/4iroWd #
  • 10 Horror Films You Can Watch For Free Online This Halloween post.ly/B96x #
  • About to watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose and my girlfriend is about to find out how much of a wuss I am. #frightnight #
  • Want 2 know bout the hogs & 5 ‘clock club: RT @riggo44 The shed where they kept blocking dummies etc., & the hogs & I imbibed post practice. #
  • my lil bro as Joe dirt! awesome mullet action. twitpic.com/nsf6e #



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