daily smaily

t(s)weet roll:

  • $10 for Newseum Single-Day Admission from groupon – bit.ly/1jJV1F (just got ours) #
  • spending way too much time twitter listing… #
  • Look at all the pertty pictures…Showcase Of Beautiful Textured Web Designs #Smashing post.ly/AvyR #
  • "Make Harry’s 10th Birthday Wish Come True and Help Children in Cambodia" bit.ly/1Yt29d #
  • More reinforcement always helps: "Winning Campaigns: Integrating Offline and Online Strategies is Key" bit.ly/1hFfA8 #
  • Quick List Alert: "Things to do that will make you a better fundraiser" post.ly/Aw0V #
  • More and more np hashtag love: "10 Popular #Hashtags for Nonprofits" bit.ly/4kmELZ #
  • alright. enough is enough. i can’t list the whole world. (at least not tonight) #
  • Thanks @Inifinitypg for sharing the alert (and RT’ing of course). #
  • Now this is cool: "HTML5 and video in email – Blog – Campaign Monitor" bit.ly/3vEYEl #email #
  • For you DMAW’rs, check out my article in the latest issue of Advents, "In email, (Sharing is caring but) Content Remains King." #
  • Thx @gregcangialosi and @Rick_Christ for the great quotes on email for the DMAW advents article. I really appreciate it. #



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